At Minimilestones we see children’s furniture as tools.


Tools for achieving milestones and support tools for mom and dad. That being said, any tool that you use every day should naturally look great, right?


Minimilestones offers a stylish solution that can be styled to suite your home. Not to mention our products are both cost and space effective!


Browse our range for a simple yet elegant solution to your babies furniture needs.

An SA first: A starterpack that includes

ALL THE BASICS you need to get set up


ALL THE BASICS: Includes all linen, foam and furniture as shown above.


So many styles… so many products??


​We know that shopping for your soon-to-arrive baby can be an exciting yet daunting task. Weighing up different styles, materials, your nursery theme and often most importantly your budget. It really is enough to break out in a sweat! The one thing however that most parents overlook during this process is that babies’ goodies will become an integral part of their home, life and personal style… a little bit like your nappy bag becomes part of your daily outfit. 😊 All our products are made, to look great, but more importantly grow with your child to give you maximum use. If you are unsure if you need/will use a certain product feel free to call us to discuss it. Each parent and baby is different and this should be taken into account when buying your tools.


However, for those of you you like to have all the bells and whistles have a look at our starter pack for great value and a simple buying experience.




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